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I am here to give you a hot show
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The Boy Who Lived

Jan 25th @ 6:55pm EST

"Well, Ted," said the weatherman, "I don't know about that, but it's not only the owls that have been acting oddly today. Viewers as far apart as Kent, Yorkshire, and Dundee have been phoning in to tell me that instead of the rain I promised yesterday, they've had a downpour of shooting stars! Perhaps people have been celebrating Bonfire Night early -- it's not until next week, folks! But I can promise a wet night tonight. "

Mr. Dursley sat frozen in his armchair. Shooting stars all over Britain? Owls flying by daylight? Mysterious people in cloaks all over the place? And a whisper, a whisper about the Potters. . .

Mrs. Dursley came into the living room carrying two cups of tea. It was no good. He'd have to say something to her. He cleared his throat nervously. "Er -- Petunia, dear -- you haven't heard from your sister lately, have you?"

As he had expected, Mrs. Dursley looked shocked and angry. After all, they normally pretended she didn't have a sister.

"No," she said sharply. "Why?"

"Funny stuff on the news," Mr. Dursley mumbled. "Owls. . . shooting stars. . . and there were a lot of funny-looking people in town today. . . "

I would like to be here once ... Suspension Bridges Kanopi, Borneo

Jan 24th @ 12:37am EST

Suspension bridges - probably the only creation of human hands in this untouched corner of nature. Flora and fauna are striking in their diversity: flying lizards, predatory flowers, orangutans and even species not yet described by scientists. However, a walk along bridges that creak and swing at a 40-meter height, in the crowns of tropical trees, will certainly leave a much stronger impression.

I've found a great place for a picnic, who's with me? lol! Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Jan 22nd @ 1:28am EST

Waitomo caves are about 150 branches and limestone grottoes, many of which can only be reached by boat. Scientists believe they are about two million years old. The most famous and popular cave among tourists is the Grotto of fireflies, whose vaults are often compared to the starry sky. All thanks to the huge number of fireflies Arachnocampa Luminosa, which can only be found in New Zealand.

would you like our first kiss to be right here ? Valley of fire, USA

Jan 21st @ 12:29am EST

Valley of fire is the oldest Park in the state of Nevada. In 1968, a state reserve was established on the site of the Valley, located on 42 thousand acres of land. The Valley got its name because of frequent sandstorms, which are an impressive sight. Some of the rocks in the Park were formed 150 million years ago. And on the rocks preserved drawings of ancient people-petroglyphs.

I would like to shoot a video about this place. It is so beautiful ... Erawan Park, Thailand

Jan 20th @ 12:58am EST

Eravan Park - 550 kilometers of beauty and peace. Most people come here to look at the famous seven-level waterfall. If you find yourself here, you can even rise to the second level. Just keep in mind that the path is quite slippery and you need to take care of practical shoes

Wifes and husbands

Jan 18th @ 3:53pm EST

Men are lazy in the home, according to an official survey published today.

They have about six hours a week more free time than wives, but play very little part in cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing, according to the social trends survey by the central statistical office.

Nearly three quarters of married women claimed to do all or most of the housework, and among married men the proportion who admitted that their wives did all or most of the housework was only slightly lower.

The survey showed that washing and ironing was the least popular task among men, with only one per cent performing this duty, compared with 89 per cent of women, and 10 per cent sharing equally. Only 5 per cent of men prepare the evening meal, 3 per cent carry out household cleaning duties, 5 per cent household shopping, and 17 per cent wash the evening dishes.

But when household gadgets break down, repair are carried out by 82 per cent of husbands. The survey says that, despite economic problems, the majority of Britons are substantially better than a decade ago.

Would you like to be here? Lau Islands, Fiji

Jan 18th @ 12:18am EST

This place even in life is like a picture from a commercial about paradise relaxation. There are few tourists here, so you can take a break from people, take a walk along the white beaches and enjoy swimming in clear water for your pleasure. It is not easy to get to the islands, but those who have visited there assure that it is worth it: nature here is unique and not touched by man.

o you ever hear about it ?

Jan 15th @ 11:55pm EST

Love is a short-term increase in levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, prolactin, and oxytocin luliberin.
A tiny molecule of phenylethylamine (FEA) causes certain sensations: elation, excitement, euphoria.
Love at first sight â€" when the neurons of the limbic system are saturated with FEA. And tenderness â€" it's the endorphins (the opium of two).
Passion lasts an average of 317.5 days.

Hello Hello, and you would like to Wake up one day in a tent and come out of it to see this place... Mayan ruins, Mexico

Jan 15th @ 12:09am EST

In Mexico, you can find many archaeological finds related to the Mayan civilization, but it is especially interesting to look at the ruins of ancient temples. However, to see at least some of them, you will have to travel a lot. The most popular places Becan in the state of Campeche, Bonampak in Chiapas, Chacchoben in the state of Quintana Roo and especially of Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Dream country!

Jan 13th @ 8:01pm EST

Let today, like a guitar chord, make you forget about all the problems and feel the rush of unforgettable emotions, blowing sweet dreams into the country.

Do you want to be healthy?

Jan 11th @ 4:55pm EST

To be healthy you must eat good food. Good food gives you a lot of energy, vitamins and minerals. The best way to get these is to eat fresh fruit and vegetables five times a day. Have a lot of water. You should have two litres every day. You should eat bread, meat and potatoes, but you shouldn’t eat a lot of sweets or chocolates because they are bad for your teeth. Eggs and milk make your bones strong. And you shouldn’t eat at a different time or eat a lot one day and a little the next.

Come on come on fast!

Jan 9th @ 10:33pm EST

Hello everyone, today in my fan club a very hot video and photo from foot job , I advise you to see this exciting content! You will like it, I promise you that;)

Hey, Hey, Hey ! Would you like to take a couple of selfies in this place ? Algarrobo Basin, Chile

Jan 9th @ 12:38am EST

To imagine the length of this creation of human hands, imagine a pool at the Olympic games, and then try to imagine 20 (!) such pools. It is built in the small town of Algarrobo in Chile. This is not only the longest pool, but also the deepest.

Would you like to spend one day here with me? Thor Well, Oregon

Jan 8th @ 1:21am EST

The well of Thor - part of Cape Perpetua - is a stone funnel extending several meters inland. What is at the bottom of the Well is still unknown, scuba divers do not risk descending there - a strong current interferes. It is advisable to visit the funnel an hour before the tide: the water begins to quickly fill the Well of Thor, and then effectively shoots up with a 6-meter fountain of spray.

I came across an interesting fact about the series "Friends", do you know about him?

Jan 7th @ 12:08am EST

Hank Azaria wanted to play Joe Tribbiani so much that he came twice to audition. The producers appreciated the zeal and removed Azaria as David, the scientist and lover Phoebe Buffe.

Hey Hey Hey! Guys, have you already decided with whom would you like to go to this place?) Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Jan 5th @ 10:55pm EST

Mount Roraima is notable for the fact that its peak is huge
30 km plateau. A large cloud constantly hangs over Roraima, and if you get to the top, you can look at it from top to bottom. The constant cloudiness around the mountain is associated with the fact that the Amazon River, Orinoco and Essekibo begin at the foot of Roraima .

Hey Hey hey! How do you like the idea of having a picnic here? 😘 Fairy Pools on Isle of Skye, Scotland

Jan 4th @ 12:12am EST

Ponds on Mount Cailin are otherwise called Fairy Pools. It is best to visit them on a slightly cloudy day, after a light rain - the water level will be higher than usual, the stream will not be so stormy, and due to cloud cover all the colors and shades of the rocks and water will be better visible.

Pleasant words

Jan 2nd @ 2:22am EST

I appreciate our friendship very much, and want it to become even stronger in the coming year! I wish you good health, success in everything you do, and prosperity! Be happy in the New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020 !!!

Jan 1st @ 1:06am EST

Happy New Year to you!
May every great new day
Bring you sweet surprises â€"
A happiness buffet.
Happy New Year to you,
And when the new year’s done,
May the next year be even better,
Full of pleasure, joy and fun.


Dec 30th @ 7:48pm EST

The United States of America is important English-speaking country. It consists of fifty different states and the District of Columbia joined together under one government.

The USA covers an area of almost 9400000 square kilometres and is twice as large as all the countries of Europe combined. It is placed in the middle of the North American continent and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. Placed between two oceans, the USA has a free access to the trade routes of the world.

The USA is divided into three areas: Eastern area - a highland. Central area - a plain, and the Western area which is mountainous. The north-western part of the USA includes five lakes. The whole central plain constitutes the basin of the Mississippi River. The Mississippi is one of the longest rivers in the world.

On the whole the USA has a continental climate. It is at the same time one of the coldest and one of the hottest countries, one of the wettest and one on the driest.

The flag of the United States is called "Stars and Stripes". The 50 stars represent the 50 states and the 13 stripes represent 13 original English colonies, which in 1776 became free and independent of England.

The USA is governed by Congress and by the President. Congress consists of the Senate (100 senators - 2 from each state) and the House of Representatives (435 Congressmen). The President, who is also the head of the government and the commander-in-chief of all the armed forces, is elected every four years.

The capital of the United States is Washington. It is situated on the Potomac River not far from the Atlantic coast. Washington is not a very large city. Such cities as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Detroit, New Orleans and some others are more larger.

The USA is one of the most developed country in the world. It is a country of great contrasts. There are a lot of unsolved problems in the country such as unemployment and inflation, but nevertheless it is one of the greatest countries in the world.

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